Monday, March 4, 2013

CG Tale and Fairy Tale

CG Tale

Classic Animation,The Golden Age :

 In 1937, Disney Animation Studio produced its first feature film, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, the film won an honorary award for the "Significant Screen Innovation". Later other fairy tales and children’s stories from all around the world  were presented through the big screen. Although the main aspects of a classic fairy tale were retained in most of this works (The charming prince, the beautiful princess, the villain witch, and of course the happy ending), Disney touch was quite obvious in the hand drawing style, music and motion harmony, and the amusing secondary characters. However the studio  couldn’t ascend the throne of animated cinema  without the hard work of talented illustrators like the Nine Old Men, who drew with their pencils  the studio  legacy frame by frame.

CG Animation is Taking Over !

 In 1995, a new generation of animators will realize  a dream  that born a decade earlier inside Pixar Animation Studio. Producing  the first CGI (Computer Graphic Image) feature  film was a great step in the realm of animation  for the young studio and the old company, but this time it  wasn't  about  a fairy tale or a classic story, It was simply a Toy Story. The film honored with a " Special Achievement " Oscar,  and its  unrivaled success opened the door widely to other CG feature films production. Disney great interest in this promising and profitable industry   was at the expense of the traditional animation which disappears little by little from the scene, for instance, among the several Disney animated features produced in the last few years, the only prominent classic animation was a modern version of  The Princess and the Frog. 

A Princess Without a Prince; and a Good Villain !

Lately, Brave brought to  Pixar its seventh academy award for the best Animated feature. Unlike Disney classic princesses, Pixar first  one is totally different. Rebelling against the traditions of her ancestors , Merida  prefers the life of adventures and archery rather than spending the rest of her days  with a silly prince.Through  an other nominated film, Wreck it Ralph, Disney tells us the story  in a new wonderland, the arcade game world, where Ralph  a villain character decides to change his  role in the game , and begins a journey looking for an  inner hero. Except the happy ending in both CG animations, there is a significant change in the  other aspects of the classic tales. Clearly, what happened in the world of animation  wasn’t just an Inevitable transition from pencils to pixels, it was  the beginning of a new age of animated children’s stories.

CG or Not CG That is Not the Question

 Even with the dominance of ِtechnology, the classic animation's spirit is still alive (Paperman), beside  the main plot of a fairy tale is not a sacred rule, and breaking it can make the story  interesting and gives it  more flexibility in time and space. Certainly, animation films offers a  moment of entertainment  for children with  their parents, and turning it to a  moral sermon will ruin such precious family time.
I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.   Disney, Walt

However, I believe that  children's stories (books,animations,songs...) should emphasize the human values more and more, if everything changed in these tales for a reason or another, the value of friendship, family should not. Perhaps  the future will surprise us with other revolutionary achievements, and CG animation may become an old fashion, but I hope that the meaning of pity,wisdom and faith will not disappear between the worn pages of a forgotten tale.